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August 14, 2013
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(Background Music: SMT: Persona 4 OST - The Poem for Everyone's Souls)

(Possible Spoilers for Existensia: The Dimensional Bridge)

One of the many mysteries that the Dimensional Bridge contains is The Arcana.

Claus was informed of their existence in his first meeting with Igor.
But that didn't explain what the Arcana is.
Trough those who live change as they flow through the stream of life, everyone posses a set of values that they never truly let go of.
The travellers in the tale all have a different strengths and goals.
Here is the list of the Arcana, their meaning and who they are currently assigned to.

(This is just the definitions in Existensia and nothing more)

O. The Fool
The Fool is a wanderer with no memories of it's past.
The Fool changes depending on what path they choose to wander.
They have no past to constrain them and a free will to change their goals and in a few cases, fate itself.
They are truly built from their experiences.
Current Owner: Claus

I. The Magician
The Magician is a level-headed Individual with mystic powers.
Magicians are kind friends and mentors to their allies and A force to be reckoned with for their enemies.
They also may have preformed a great sacrifice for their power.
Current Owner: Mami Tomoe

II. The High Priestess
The Priestess is the chosen one by a god to stop great calamities.
Through their talents differ, The Priestess is kind at heart and has a strong sense of duty.
Through chosen, they are not without weakness, such that can only be overcome with the help of dear ones.
Current Owner: Suzomina Miya

III. The Empress
The Empress is an enigmatic watcher of tremendous knowlage.
Almost always the one to guide The Fool to it's proper path when It is lost.
They help out from the subconscious, assigned to he Velvet room, only to appear in time of great need.
Current Owner: Phi

IV. The Emperor
The Emperor is a proud and mighty individual who proudly carries it's identity with all favours and flaws.
Through not always a leader, The Emperor never succumbs to hopelessness, even in the harshest of times and extends this determination to it's friends.
A unrelenting force, The Emperor will never back down when it sees a wrong in front of them.
Current Owner: Kanji Tatsumi

V. The Hierophant
The Heirophant is a intellectual and capable being who believes they are meant for great things.
They symbolises the concept of authority, relations with the (Previously) super-natrual, obedience to rules and the divine.        
The Heirophant also displays wishes for an harmonious Utopia where the enlightened writes the rules.
Current Owner: Sima Shi

VI. The Lovers
The Lovers is a warm and open individual who represent transition from different stages in life.
They symbolise what every individuals' deepest desires. One who won't leave till death.
Current Owner: ???

VII. The Chariot
The Chariot is a unbreaking individual who is willing to withstand anything to fulfil their creed.
They are often in a high position of command, ready to fight through anything and everything to see their ambitions to succeed.
The Chariot is also the most loyal of comrades that can be found.
Current Owner: Zelgius and Zhao Yun

VIII. The Justice
The Justice is one sent to fulfil their mission with absolute success.
They have the strongest line of morals and will never betray them.
The Justice will mindlessly follow their code, but will cease if it conflicts with their morals.
The Justice is also a sacred sign of loyalty to those It favours.
Current Owner: Hakumen

IX. The Hermit is one who watches the events of the worlds from a distance.
They Hermit has realised the truth of dimensions and has cut all bonds to their previous life.
The gather and safeguards knowlage of the great beyond.
Current Owner: ???

X. The Fortune
The Fortune is an exposer of the unknown and a revelation that everything even out.
They are clever individuals who take their chances with full acknowledgement of the risks.
The Fortune is also the one to take opportunities to change the tide.
Current Owner: Naoto Shirogane

XI. The Strength
The Strength are the individuals who believe might is the true solutions.
Any and all conflicts will be quickly be resolved by the blade rather then the mind.
They only follows those they find worthy of their service.
The Strength have complete control over their might, but has to wrestle with arrogance.
Current Owner: Lu Bu

XII. The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man is one who has given their life to help others.
They will never doubt about putting themselves in harm to stop injury occurring to others.
Even in death, they will dedicate their last strength to help it's closest.
The Hanged Man is the token of the selfless, but also of the truly reckless.
Current Owner: Darkrai

XIII. The Death
The Death is one that symbolises the ending.
But also the one that sows the seeds for a new beginning.
Completely shrouded in mystery.
Current Owner: ???

XIV. The Temperance
The Temperance is the one that puts piece of different wholes together to form a new whole.
It represents harmony and melding between opposites.
The Temperance has in exchange a difficulty with being a own cohesive whole.
Current Owner: ???

XV. The Devil
The Devil is one who gives in to their most cruel desires.
They have no regards for others well-being or safety and will betray if the circumstances seems enjoyable enough.
Although many negatives, The Devil displays great self-confidence and loyalty to oneself.
Current Owner: Hazama

XVI. The Tower
The Tower are one with supreme confidence in their abilities.
Trough The Towers abilities my surpass many, so do their arrogance.
Their high belief in their superiority often leads to their downfall.
Current Owner: Damashii Gambaride

XVII. The Star
The Star is the one who never gives up hope and sees the best outcome.
They won't let any incident cripple their hope for a better tomorrow.
The Star will share their optimism with their comrades.
Current Owner: Baal (???) and Darius

XVIII. The Moon
The Moon is the one who see the truth without words.
They are deeply connected to their subconscious, like their fears and dreams.
The Moon are afraid of carrying their burdens alone and often finds someone else to carry the weight.
Current Owner: Charlotte

XIX. The Sun
The Sun is the One who finds satisfaction in their way of life.
They will never change their mind about decisions and stand by their word to the bitter end.
Trough The Sun is naive, it is also one of the hardest to derail from their track.
Current Owner: ???

XX. The Judgement
The Judgement is one meant to avert the gravest of catastrophes with their life on the line.
They are the ones that are satisfied with their lives and ready to rest after a final conflict.
Current Owner: ???

Altered Arcana:

OO. The Joker
The Joker is the same as the fool, except they don't allow others to change them.
They do trough like to manipulate others for their own gain.
Current Owner: Dimentio

XI Altered. The Hunger
The Hunger shares the absolute might that the Strength posses, if not more.
They have no control over their actions. They Consume and get Consumed in the pursuit of something beyond understanding.
Current Owner: The Consumer

XX Altered. The Aeon
The Aeon is one that ties the bonds between us and gives the lost means of going on.
A bright force that is a steadfast companion from the beginning to end.
Although their appearance are deceiving, they are perhaps the single most force in their whole conflict.
Current Owner: Neptune                
Due to a old complaint about the Arcana's role in Existensia, I MADE THIS!
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RobinLightwalker Aug 14, 2013  Student Writer
Kamilitron would be The Emperor and 1 would be The Chariot.

Other then that, well done my friend.

Each little Arcana summed up the characters to the very last letter in thier name.

And I wounder.....Are any of those remaing Arcana owners for the sequel or movie exclusive(It is uncannon,use it to your advantage.)

And with Dimentio being Joker, I can see Kamilitron making lots of Card comments about him.
WOW That's intersting tha you gave the Moon Arcana for Charlotte :)
BTW The descriptions of the Arcanas are good and understandable :)
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